Build-a-bar workshop

Unfortunately there is no such thing, that I’ve found, so I had to make it up as I went. We knew we wanted a back bar with mirrors to hold/display glasses and bottles, along with a functioning main bar for service and prep.

Building out the front bar

The main/front portion of the bar is free-standing, anchored to the wall only at one end. I used concrete screws to attach the bottom 2x4s to the floor, having framed out the basic structure of the walls. The chamfered corner was in large part a solution to the proximity of a column that supports the steel beam spanning the house, carrying the ground floor load.

The front bar wall

The wall was skinned with 3/4″ Oak Plywood after first running the electrical services. You can see in the picture above two quad outlets close to the corner, the lower of which is for the dishwasher and Kegerator.

Front of the bar

Plumbing was run in the wall at the end of the bar from the water meter closet, and the drains tied into the floor drain behind the toilet. A bit fiddly, but not bad.

Floating flooring

With the paneling and bar built, I could move on to installing the floating laminate flooring. We chose an engineered bamboo product with “random” widths. Each case contained strips of 3 different widths, and so as the floor is laid I would alternate the widths from “course” to course. The floor was covered with a closed cell foam underlayment first, with seams sealed with tape. This provide both a cushioning to accommodate irregularities in concrete and a vapor barrier.

Floor finished and the Pool Table location marked.